The Break In” was definitely a monumental moment! For weeks there has been major promotion for this event causing the streets to sound off with question after question of what this meant. Just as they wondered, i’m sure you are as well so the relevant question then becomes what is “The Break In” … and I’m so glad that you asked! This was the dynamic debut of Black Knight who has produced for many heavy weights in hip hop bringing a sensational sound unlike any other producer out there. Being that he has rocked the nation with his sound he was now “Breaking In” as an artist to nationally release his first album and display his skill set of illustrating a story lyrically.

This presentation was powerful as ZOE 4 Life came out the gate with the ability to get the crowd rocking. Then from Cincinnati Ohio the lyrical gymnast Dmaub hit the stage and set the tone for what was about to take place. Right then Black Knight broke in playing the drums highlighting through live performance his sound from the studio that had the place chanting Black Knight over and over. When he grabbed the mic and began to illustrate story after story over the sound he created the entire place broke into praise. This was simply AMAZING as verse by verse artists who he collaborated with came on stage and rocked with him. This was dynamic in it’s delivery because it was different from any other record release before. When Transparent stepped on stage the crowd went crazy as he broke down his story to the point it was forever broken. Jesus Geek came out singing a chorus that had the entire place coming together like a choir. This was PHENOMENAL as the entire place was mesmerized by the music and the message put together like pieces to a puzzle.

Before this presentation WordOnTheStreet w/Wordsmith & Ministries brought him into the Youth Detention Facility for the #MusicBehindTheWalls Private Listening Session to feature this wonderful work on the show for all the incarcerated youth. This was definitely HISTORY in the making as it was utilized to expose youth to the truth through the message within the music! They loved it and chant his words from Cell 2 Cell as we play his music on our weekly show. Black Knight has a heart to create a ministry that reaches into the community and cares for our youth to find there passion and be driven by there purpose. If you want to secure a copy of the album and support this outreach then simply hit the link ( and enjoy “The Break In” as so many already have! In the words of my executive producer TRANSPARENT “Now that … is the WordOnTheStreet” – Wordsmith